Knife Enthusiast:

Thanks for your interest in our varied White Handmade Knives. Our knife making began in 2001 as a way to spend time together and hobby venture before two of our sons went off to college. Garrett was 17 and David was 14 when we first began. All three of us have different patterns and ideas of the way the perfect knife should look and feel. We are our own best critics. The unique styles and preferences make our shop a one stop shop.

Garrett specializes in one-of-a-kind tactical, fixed blade and fancy and tactical folders. David enjoys fixed blade tactical and double-edged boot knives. Gerald prefers to build fancy hunters, fighters and bowies.

We use the stock removal method and mostly mirror finishes on 440C, CPM 154 and BG 42. The stainless Damascus is by Mike Norris or Devin Thomas. Blades are hollow ground with tapered tangs and heat treated by Paul Bos. Dovetailed 416 Stainless Steel bolsters often engraved and 303 Stainless soldered guards are a standard.

For our handle materials, we prefer dyed and natural premium, stabilized woods such as Snakewood, highly figured Burled Maple, Redwood, Box Elder, Ironwood and spalted woods. Giraffe bone, Sambar Stag, Mother-of-Pearl  and fossil ivories  are favored also.  Micarta, G-10 and Carbon Fiber materials are on our tactical knives.

Our custom designs have eye appeal and a must-feel grip for comfort. The edge holding capabilities are remarkable.

Sheaths are all made from each maker and are high quality tooled leather or Kydex with the great, snug fit you expect.

We normally set up and show and the Blade Show yearly and would love to talk with you there, or please feel free to call or email for more information.

We all love to talk knives and discuss design possibilities.

Thank you for your time. We hope you will enjoy our knives as we so enjoy making then. We thank God for the talents to share with others.

Sincerely, Gerald, Garrett and David White